What Does Multimedia Mean To Me?

Telling stories is something I’ve loved to do since I was a child. In elementary school, I had a very active imagination and would love to be the center of attention. I wasn’t an attention whore or anything like that, but I did crave the spotlight. I would do impressions of teachers and reenact stories I’d written that included my peers. Most of these stories were like horror movies, depicting me and my classmates outwitting murderous killers and surviving ravenous mutant sharks. However, as I increased in age and decreased in self confidence, I gave up on writing and performing. I’m hoping that multimedia can offer an outlet to reignite my passion of telling stories. I still don’t know what I want to do for my career, but I’m thinking multimedia might be the way to go (especially since so many communications jobs require multimedia experience). I’m also very excited to learn how to edit audio and video!