Thoughts On “How To Tell A Story Right Now”

When I read Joe Berkowitz’s article, “How To Tell A Story—Right Now—From A Master Of Improv”, I was immediately reminded of my Drama classes I took in high school. We would have these improv games every once in a while and I would always be terrible because I would try to think of the funniest things to do. I understand what he means by saying that the audience can tell when someone isn’t being truthful with their story. I can usually tell when someone is lying about a story. This is very important to our class because multimedia is all about telling a story. Our stories have to be genuine to the memories of our subjects and must be adapted faithfully. Also, focusing on what makes the story/memory interesting is crucial in order to keep the audience engaged. This also shows that picking the right subject (both person and topic) is crucial to a story’s success. I think now instead of looking for a specific type of story, I’ll broaden my search and look with an open mind.


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